Carpet Tiles Dubai 2021

With carpet tiles, you can create the most amazing floor designs. With its wide range of shapes and colours, you can create a design that fits your vision, whether it be for a new build or renovation project.

Choosing carpet tiles is a practical, flexible choice that allows for unique design as well as easy transportation and laying. It is easy to replace individual carpet tiles if you become soiled or want to change the colour.

Find carpet tiles of all shapes and sizes in our collection. With our award-winning LockTiles® and ZigZagTiles®, they offer expressive options in the form of patterns, shapes, colours, or classic designs, laid in quarter-turn or monolithic, with barely visible seams.


Is Carpet Tile the Right Choice for You?

There Are Many Design Options Available

With each of our carpet tile collections, you can create a unique design. It’s possible to find collections that allow for creativity and play with shapes and colours, while others are classical and sound like carpet when laid out.

Due to the high quality and durable properties of carpet tiles, as well as the dirt-resistant treatment, it is possible to create an exclusive, welcoming look using carpet tiles that remains that way for many years to come.

You Can Do It Your Way

A combination of colours and shapes will enable you to create unique floors, perfect for any project, within the Sebastian Wrong collection by Wall to Wall Carpet. Almost endless combinations of colours and shapes are possible with our tiles. The laser-cut pieces are incredibly precise.

Carpet Tiles with Printed Designs

With their fascinating designs and lovely patterns, our printed carpet tiles give life to any floor in your building. Layers by Sebastian Wrong’s collection of tile patterns utilizes layered shapes, patterns, and colours to give visual depth, and the “Art Weave” collection can be used to create a look that can even resemble concrete or organic material, for example.

Only Minimal Seams Are Visible

There are some rooms that would benefit from a classic wall-to-wall carpet look. You can create the look of broadloom using carpet tiles from Wall to Wall Carpet while taking advantage of their countless benefits. We offer ZigZag-Tiles® and our award-winning LockTiles®, which enables us to lay carpet tiles without visible seams. Choose from our Classic Collection of square tiles for an elegant, exclusive effect when laid in a checkerboard pattern.

Boxes Supplied

There are a number of practical benefits to carpet tiles as well. As our laser-cut tiles are usually supplied in boxes containing 20 tiles, equivalent to 5 square meters, they are easier to handle and lay than unwieldy rolls of broadloom.

Using the Flexible Floor

A carpet tile gives you an opportunity to create a more flexible room, and you can lay them on nearly any type of surface.

The carpet tiles and wall-to-wall carpets we offer have the same height backings, which allows you to combine them into two designs. Another benefit of carpet tiles is that they can be combined with other types of flooring – such as wooden floors.

Individually Replace

After installation, carpet tiles offer greater flexibility. When you spill something on a tile you cannot remove, or if you simply want to change one of the colours in your design as the season’s change, you can easily replace the tile, without having to remove all your furniture and lay a brand new carpet.

Choosing the Right Product for the Environment

The environment benefits greatly when only a few carpet tiles need replacing. Due to their durability, carpet tiles can last a long time, which reduces the number of replacements.

Wall to Wall Carpet is dedicated to developing environmentally friendly products that are made in UAE, using wind energy with zero carbon emissions. Tile carpets are heat-insulating, making them energy-saving.

With our brand new carpet backing, EcoTEXTM, you can now protect the environment even more on some of our qualities. EcoTEXTM is made of 85% recycled PET material, equivalent to at least 50 recycled 0.5L PET bottles per square meter.

Choosing the Right Option for People

It’s not only the environment that can benefit from carpet tiles’ many features. Furthermore, the people playing, working, or present in the room benefit from its acoustic and noise-absorbing properties that reduce the sound of conversation, telephones, and footsteps. Additionally, they are non-slip, heat-insulating, and can be a great addition to the home’s indoor climate, as they can trap dust particles.

Maintenance and Installation Are Easy

Carpet tiles are easy to install and can be adjusted to any surface. Box delivery allows them to be easily moved into the desired rooms without the hassle of moving awkward rolls and heavy lifting. It’s the same when they’re picked up again.

Carpet tiles rarely require maintenance once laid down, since vacuuming is normally sufficient thanks to the dirt-resistant surface of all Wall to Wall Carpet products.

Give us a call on +971 58 958 0502 to find out how we can help make your project more unique, pleasing to working- and external environments, and as long-lasting as possible.

The Different Types of Carpet Tile Backing

We offer two types of carpet tile backings, both certified by M1, Indoor Air Comfort – Eurofins Gold, and Danish Indoor Climate Labelling, with Life Balance GUI approval for allergy sufferers.



The TEXtiles® felt backing is included as standard with all our carpet tiles:

  • 100% recycled PET material, equivalent to min. 50 x 0,5L rPET bottles per square meter.
  • There are no harmful bitumen, PVC, latex, or other chemical substances, and very low levels of VOCs.
  • Pre-glued latex-free
  • Light on your wallet, with a minimum weight of 3.5 kg per square meter
  • Permanently antistatic
  • Noise attenuating
  • Made of 100% sustainable wind energy
  • Odorless and low VOC emissions


Our new carpet backing, EcoTEXTM/EcoTilesTM, can be used for both broadloom and tiles. At the moment, EcoTEXTM is available only for Penta Stripe and Penta:

  • The product is over 85% rPET material, equating to min. 50 0.5L rPET bottles per square meter.
  • The product contains absolutely no bitumen, PVC, latex, or any other environmentally hazardous material
  • Pre-glued latex-free
  • Thanks to a minimum weight of 2.85 kg per m² and Easy to install
  • Permanently antistatic
  • Thicker backing – high noise attenuation
  • 100% sustainable wind energy – Sustainably produced
  • Odorless – very low VOC emissions

When the same backing is used for carpet tiles and broadloom, stock levels, production times, and material waste can be reduced.

Do Carpet Tiles Make the Best Choice?

The indoor climate is one of the key factors in productivity and job satisfaction, so carpet tiles are an excellent choice in high-traffic areas where there is noise and a lot of movement. This is a list of some of the places carpet tiles are the best option.

For Offices, Banks, and Receptions: Carpet Tiles

Bank, offices, and reception areas are places where conversations, phone calls, and other distractions can make it difficult to concentrate and do your best.

This is where the acoustic enhancement quality of carpet tiles is in its own right, as it provides better sound attenuation as it is with wall-to-wall carpeting than other forms of floor covering.

The high quality and durability of Wall To Wall carpet tiles also ensure that the carpet remains attractive despite the constant wear and tear caused by office chairs and the like.

Nursery, Kindergarten, and School Carpet Tiles

In a place where there is a high concentration of children, noise levels that can be dangerous to children and staff cannot be avoided. But a good indoor climate is essential for both learning and health. Today’s large open-air schools can be difficult to tune with. But the sound-absorbing quality of carpet tiles can make a big difference. They are also insulation and comfortable for kids to crawl, walk and play.

Children’s institutions, of course, are involved in learning and development. But also playing with imagination and creativity That’s why carpet tiles are ideal as they offer endless opportunities for floor designs with eye-catching colors and exciting shapes that inspire and enhance children’s development.

You might think that they can get corroded and dirty very quickly when children of all ages are constantly walking on them, which runs the risk of dropping objects and particles that accumulate in the carpet, which can affect children who are allergic to dust. A

We have thought of both situations and have found the answer. All of our carpet tiles are dirt resistant, which means dirt cannot penetrate into the pile and debris settles on the surface, making it easier to vacuum.

On top of that, one of the advantages of carpet tiles is that they can be replaced individually, so if something is spilled, it can be easily removed and replaced.

Theatres, Museums, and Libraries Can Use Carpet Tiles

Theaters, museums, and libraries are often spacious, which must reflect creativity and inspiration, and Carpet tiles set their creativity free, as they come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and textures, making it possible to create unique designs to give a finishing touch to any project.

Acoustics also play a role, as these are places where people of all ages come together and where peace and quiet are important and appreciated. The sound dampening properties of our carpet tiles are ideal for such types of buildings as they absorb foot traffic and conversation noise, preventing room echo.

Restaurants, Cafés, and Canteens Carpet Tiles

Lots of people gather in restaurants, cafes, and cafeterias to enjoy food or drinks. They are often very noisy places, from chair chats, cell phones, and even espresso machines. The need for sound absorption is huge here, carpet tiles are the ideal solution.

The constant movement of chairs and wheelchair tables being pushed around, and the like, also make it difficult to use the floor. But the high quality and durability of the Wall To Wall Carpet ensure a long service life even under heavy wear.

Leaving a plate of pasta bolognese or an empty cup of coffee from time to time is unavoidable on a busy day. The dirt-resistant surfaces of all of our carpet tiles ensure that the result of such an accident will not be an ugly stain. And if the stain becomes a stubborn stain, each carpet tile can easily be replaced. It’s also an advantage if your restaurant is always meant to reflect the latest trends, as floors can be easily repainted without having to replace the entire carpet – plus the added bonus of being environmentally friendly.

Carpet tiles are also an excellent choice for hospitals, theaters, concert halls, theaters, convention and exhibition centers, shops, and elsewhere. Design, durability, acoustics, and easy maintenance are key factors.