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Despite having a fine (smooth) new floor, the UAE is still one of the largest buyers of Carpet Dubai in the world, buying millions of square metric carpets every month. The choices are enormous but don’t worry, the Wall to Wall Carpet is ready to help. First, we highly recommend you look at our range of quality rugs that you can buy online.

Buy Beautiful Rugs for All Rooms!

Like our commercial rugs, our residential rugs come in various colors, styles, and designs, so everyone has a floor. If you feel like your bedroom, lounge, study, or hallway could be injected with an injection of color and life, look at our incredible selection! Wall to Wall Carpet residential Carpet Dubai collection: ranging from the luxurious & comfortable Sphere by Lano to the beautifully stylish Vogue Stripe by Brockway, guaranteed to have something that will completely transform your living space.

Practical and High-Quality Carpet Dubai

Having a durable rug doesn’t mean having to compromise on style. We know rugs can sometimes be a nightmare for maintenance, but we offer rugs that are easy to clean, including stain-free rugs, which are perfect for pets or children! We offer stain-free tweed rugs, along with many other colors and styles from plush rugs to hard.

We categorize our range of Carpet Dubai  based on usage so you can find the right floor for your needs. We understand that it’s not just homes that need re-flooring, which is why we also offer various commercial floors, perfect for offices and other buildings such as restaurants. We sort them according to luxury and hard wear so you can find the right balance for your needs.

Buy Carpet Dubai Online at Cheap Prices!

Quality rugs don’t have to break the cliffs. With low prices and our range of luxury carpet products, we guarantee you will find something to suit all your needs, tastes, and most importantly, budget.

Calculate the Cost of Your Carpet Dubai

So you’ve seen a rug you like, but you’re not sure how much it costs. Easy, contact us and we will help you determine the right price for your rug based on your measurements and give you the help and other advice you need. Read our guide to find out the cost of Carpet Dubai per square meter here. Contact one of our Flooring Teachers on +971 58 958 0502  or email [email protected] and we will help you buy your new rug today!

If you prefer the look of Carpet Dubai tiles, be sure to check out our incredible commercial floor tiles. Alternatively, if you want to install rugs in your business environment, be sure to check out our great selection of commercial rugs.