Luxurious Wall to Wall Carpet at Wall to Wall Carpet

Wall to Wall Carpets

At Wall to Wall Carpet, it’s not just carpet that can be designed to fit your needs. We also produce a beautiful hand-woven carpet that can be fully customized to your design and color scheme. The carpet is made in one piece eliminating the need for seams found with fixed-width carpet. Our expert measuring services mean that we can even produce border designs that flow perfectly around the edges of the room.

Wall to Wall Carpet is also available for those who want a less complicated design or with a smaller budget. This is a machine-made or woven product with special features and an impressive handmade rug look and feel. Made exactly to the specifications and dimensions of each project, customized to the color of your choice, and often meticulously finished by hand, tufted carpet fit customized to fill a space with minimal clutter and a greater width than other standard offerings.

The thread is punched into the supporting fabric with a width of 40 cm, like the action of a sewing machine. Thanks to craftsman-guided pattern repetition and aisle control, the size and shape of the rug are so precise that it is often chosen specifically for its accuracy. Pass-tufting is an ideal way to cover an irregularly shaped room with SEAMLESS wall-to-wall carpets.

With piles of cut, loop loops, or a combination of both and a luxurious selection of the best silk wool and the worst wool, both hand-tufted and sheltered options provide a height of luxury for wall-to-wall carpets.

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