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Proper home decor and accessories can help transform your home into a home. We offer a wide range of beautiful home decor and accessories in a choice of styles, colors, and designs. Our home decor collection includes products designed for bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and hallways. Let us inspire you to update your home with something new!

What style of Home Decor does Wall to Wall Carpet have?

Our collection of home accessories from modern design, shabby style, luxury, rustic, industrial, retro, and modern. Our products are made from a variety of materials including metal, ceramic, wood, glass, and occasional plastic. Our pieces have a variety of finishes including painted, satin, pressed, chalk, and washed finishes. Â But what if you are not sure which style is which? Let’s help us!


Vintage style decor is best defined by the design of beautiful, intricate, and elegant vintage style items. Vintage-style accessories are often part of a pale color palette and have a luxurious feel to them. Think of lots of carved details, layers of glass, or laminated pieces to create a luxurious vibe.

Shabby Chic:

Shabby Chic style accessories have the same classic design as Vintage style decor. The difference between these two looks is that the Shabby Chic style decor comes with antique, antique, or old finishes. There is an emphasis on feminine style with Shabby Chic style, many items featuring flowers or celebrations. Fabrics that are light and flashing like linen are very much used as fabrics.


For luxury home accessories, a metal tone style is often implemented. Think of lots of Gold, Silver, or Copper color decorations. Items are often mirrored or mirrored crystal or glass to add a luxurious design. Luxury items can include vintage or modern interior style elements. Items can be sleek and sophisticated or luxurious and elegant. The interesting thing about fancy decor is that mixing these two styles can work well, as each is intended for the same interior atmosphere, in different ways.


Rustic style is defined by the use of natural elements such as wood or stone and a color palette of neutral or understated tones. Items tend to be made of wood with accents or metal frames. Rustic decor is an umbrella term and rustic pieces can be incorporated into a variety of decorative themes. Shabby, industrial, country, and Scandinavian-style homes all embody rustic design features.


Industrial residential accessories are determined by their rough and rugged appearance. The industrial decor matches the color palette of dark or earth tones. Items often have a vintage or retro style and are often accompanied by an uncomfortable finish. You want your decor to be unique, look a little old-fashioned and modern.


The retro-style décor features sophisticated futuristic designs associated with medieval modern designed items. Think of simple, uncomplicated decor with round designs or art deco-inspired details.

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We offer a stylish selection that spans a variety of spaces, colors, and styles. Our home accessories include a variety of soft furnishings such as rugs, throws, and pillows. We have a beautiful selection of decorative accessories such as vases, jugs, photo frames, candles, and candleholders. Our collection also includes a wide variety of fake house plants, succulents, and artificial flowers, perfect for adding a finishing touch to your home. We also have specialized subcategories dedicated to specific styles or products, such as our shabby home accessories or deer decoration collections. One of our most popular home decor pieces is our wedding decor range. We offer an amazing collection of wedding decorations with items designed with vintage, rustic, and shabby style weddings. However, our most popular home decor pieces are our beautiful range of clocks, lighting, and wall art as well as our extensive shelf collection. We have everything you need to make your home unique and reflect your personal tastes. See the full selection and find the right home accessories for your interior style.

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