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Artificial grass is the future of beautiful gardens that have improved dramatically over the years. With a luxurious time in many households, more and more people turn to artificial turf for low-maintenance gardens.

We are a leading artificial grass supplier in the UAE. We have created our portfolio with the most natural-looking fake grass for your artificial turf. They produce all of our grasses in the European Union, ensuring the quality is perfect all the time. We hardly have any stock of any product because of the prompt delivery response from European purchases. Our company is also one of the cheapest suppliers of artificial grass in the UAE.

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Delivering High-Quality Artificial Grass Throughout the Uae.

Is based on Wall To Wall Carpet in Preston. Still, we can deliver a wide range of UAE artificial grass nationwide to homeowners both domestic and overseas to destinations such as Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain, Ajman, RAK City, and Fujairah.

You can find more information about fake grass delivery throughout the UAE, including delivery times, on our delivery page.

The Opinion of Our Customers.

This company is the first class in management, and pleasure that just finished the grass and it looks great. Everything you hope your grass will look and feel like on the ground. Thank you again for recommending it to your friends.

Buy this grass in May. It looks like a freshly cut lawn is great—fast, free shipping to Ayrshire, Scotland. Send free samples before purchase. First-class products, first-class companies. You don’t have to look elsewhere.

Wow. What product? Good price, high quality, very soft. The third piece of artificial grass I bought. But sorry to say that I brought two other pieces from other companies before I used them. Just wish I had met them before. Can’t recommend it highly enough.

Choose from Cheap Artificial Grass to Luxurious Fake Grass.

Many features define quality. With our professional expertise, we have selected the best range of artificial grass for our customers. With a wide variety of styles, you can choose a fake lawn that will suit your budget, whether you are looking for cheap artificial grass for your balcony or something premium for your garden.

Why Choose Wall to Wall Carpet?

Our artificial grass company has been in business for over a decade, which means we have the expertise to deliver the right product at the right price for every customer.

We designed our fake grass products to exhibit the characteristics of natural grass and to meet the highest quality standards.

You may find many other options available in the market and get confused with the wide range of synthetic turf products available. There are certain factors besides general appearance that will probably influence your choice of product. Yarn thickness, look and feel density, and weight is factors to consider when purchasing fake grass for your artificial turf.


With our team at Wall To Wall Carpet to guide you, you won’t go wrong with your purchase. We are always available if you need help to select the right fake lawn for your new garden lawn.

Through our bulk purchasing capabilities and direct contact with the manufacturers, we can offer all artificial grass at a bargain price. I passed the savings we receive from importing large quantities on to you. We can save you up to 50% on your purchase by purchasing with us. We have supplied artificial grass ranging from 6 mm to 50 mm to several homeowners and commercial customers in the UAE, meeting individual needs.

Is the Installation of the Fake Grass Necessary to Be Done by a Professional Technician?

To save money, many people decide to run the project themselves. Although it is quite scary But it’s easier than you think. Here are some tips to help you out on your journey.

Remove your existing Garden Lawn.

You can do this with a hoe or hire a lawnmower for easier removal.

Build a lumber frame

Once you have cleared the area, you need to build a wooden frame using a minimum of 2 ”x 1” club bars. What you do is place the baton around the edge you want and push the log into the floor inside of the edge of the club. Fix the edges to your desired height using zinc screws, then cut the top off the stake level with your edge using a saw.

Place your base

Put on a minimum of 3 inches of hardcore layer and tighten using a wax strip. Try to keep it nice and smooth. This needs to be under the top of the baton edge. Once you have crushed it, a sharp layer of sand will be placed over it. You tighten and smooth again to create the completed final base. It’s not something that needs to be too thick. This simply removes the lump from the hardcore and prevents it from feeling like it sits right 2-4cm below the foot.

Remember your Geotextile Membrane.

The weed barrier is placed directly on the sand and overlapped to ensure your new fake grass is protected from weeds. It costs a little and requires 100%. Fasten this with a small zinc nail to the edge baton.

Setting up your new artificial turf

Your new artificial turf is ready for installation. The best look is when the pile is aligned towards you. So if it’s your backyard, where are you most likely to look? If it is in front of your house, look from the street because it will look better. Always stand back and look before cutting from either end. Once pasted and cut into place, take a small galvanized nail or screw and secure it to the baton every 30-40 cm. Sit back and enjoy your new fake grass for years to come.

Are You an Astroturf Supplier?

Astroturf is a trademarked company that produces artificial grass, especially for sports equipment. It’s not a type of artificial grass, although many people confuse the two phrases and think that Astro grass and artificial turf are the same things as other branded terms have become synonymous with the product they are. supply

The artificial turf we sell is not owned by the Astroturf brand.